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Suspend my membership


If you want to take the bike off the road for a period but you don’t want to cancel, you now have the option to pause your monthly Revolution membership during the months you are not riding.

You can select the suspension period of your choice: 2 months (minimum), 3 months or 4 months (maximum). This suspension can be activated just once a year (per calendar year), whenever you need it.

Please note that if you are a beneficiary of a current offer and you suspend your membership, when the suspension ends, any previous offer will end and you will be charged for your revolution package at the standard rate.

During this time, all the features of your airbag system will be disabled. You can keep your In&box but it will not be functional and your airbag system will not activate in case of a fall. During the suspension period your membership is $4 / month instead of $12 / month.

To suspend your membership, simply log in to your user area and choose how long you want to pause your membership (2, 3 or 4 months). Your suspension request must be made within 30 days of the renewal date of your monthly Revolution.


If you wish to suspend your monthly Revolution membership for 3 months and you subscribed for the first time on June 17, 2019, your membership is therefore deducted on the 17th of each month. In this case, you should proceed as follows:

Warning: your airbag system is no longer functional for the duration of the suspension!

Suspension is now simpler, less restrictive and cheaper: you no longer need to cancel and pay shipping costs to return your In&box during the months you are not using it. However, if you wish to terminate your membership permanently or suspend it for a period longer than 4 months, please refer to this article.

With the suspension, the reactivation of your membership is automatic at the end of the months on pause, and you no longer need to subscribe to a new membership to reactivate your system.

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