A smart detection system: the In&box

The intelligence of the system is contained in the In&box (a box placed in the back of the vest), an array of technologies, the veritable «brain» of the airbag. It includes the sensors and the algorithm. The latter can detect an unrecoverable imbalance, anticipate an impact and command the airbag inflation.

For each use of the system, the data collected expand each user’s embedded algorithm. A finer detection for a protection performance always optimized.

DETECT : With 1000  analyzes/second, the In&box measures the user’s every  movements to detect a loss of balance.
PROTECT : In less than 60 milliseconds, the airbag is inflated at the optimum pressure, protecting the user from  impacts.
PERFECT : Thanks to the data collected,In&motion can regularly improve the system and detection strategy in order to better predict falls.

our commitment : make a bridge between safety and comfort

We continuously meet the challenge of developing protections among the most comfortable on the market.

We collaborate intensively with each of our partners until getting our systems completely integrated to their equipment. Invisible, ergonomic, without affecting the sensations.

In&day 2019 – Wagon Blanc-1383

Who we are?

Founded in 2014 by three passionate engineers - Valentin Honoré, Rémi Thomas and Pierre-François Tissot - graduating from ECAM (Lyon), In&motion is based in the french Alps in Annecy and has about 20 employees dedicated to wearable airbag systems.

In&motion is specialized in the engineering and industrialization of smart protection systems that we integrate into some partner brands equipment in order to provide to their customers an additional level of protection. 
The airbag protection systems are dedicated to athletes, amateurs and passionates: skiers, motorcyclists and horseriders.  

Our commitment: make a bridge between safety and comfort so you can really belong to the moment. 

4 systems - 4 universes

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