HorseridingHow does it work?

How does it work?

A new generation electronic airbag for horseriders

The goal was to provide the best protection solution to horseriders by meeting all the needs of design, comfort and movement freedom.

This solution relies on an innovation mechanical airbag integrating 2 key elements:

  • A light, compact and ergonomic gaz generator
  • An airbag that can be worn under adapted training or competition jackets

The In&motion airbag was conceived in order to be totally integrated under 3 differents Horse Pilot jackets : a training jacket, the Aerotech competition jackets and a Bombers.


The best horseriders have chosen In&motion

Athina Miliotis_chute
« Today I was out of sorts but it does not matter with the speed and effectiveness of my airbag inflation! Not a scratch and ready to go again! »

Athina Milotis
User of the Horse Pilot airbag vest
Guillaume Canet
« Whether I'm wearing an airbag vest or a normal jacket, I do not see the difference and it reassures me even if I know that if I have a serious fall, my spine and neck, or even my vital organs will be protected.»
(Credit : Horse Pilot. Picture credit : Stéphane Candé for Horse Pilot)

Guillaume Canet
International Horse Rider
2019 – Jérôme Guéry – cavalier – airbag – testimony
« The Horse Pilot airbag vest is complete, comfortable, it feels safe. It's elegant as it can be worn close to the body, an important matter in our sport. »
(Credit : Horse Pilot)

Jérôme Guery,
Belgian professional horserider. Participated in Rio 2016 with Grand Cru van Rozenberg
2018 – François Mathy – Airbag – Equitation – CSI
« The airbag vest is very comfortable, and allows a real freedom of movement.»
(Credit : Horse Pilot)

François Mathy,
International horserider, member of the Belgian jumping team
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