MotoHow does it work ?

How does it work ?


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your In&box

Once your product integrating the In&motion airbag system purchased, you will have to activate your In&box by subscribing to a membership in order to be protected in case of a fall.

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More than 100 million kilometers already travelled by the users

« It's only by getting up and raising the bike up that I realize that the vest is inflated and keeps my torso. More fear than pain, an elbow burn due to rubbing clothes and nothing else […] »

Clément L.
User of the In&motion airbag system
« Once standing I had a really special thought for you because otherwise I think the dammage would have been much more serious since I fell back on the back. The bick is a wreck. Thank you for protecting us better and better. »

Didier P.
User of the In&motion airbag system

MotoGP pilots are also equipped with the In&motion airbag system


Aleix Espargaro

« At the beginning you don’t even realize but as soon as you start to make the « croket » on the ground you feel that you are bigger and everything is more spongy soi t is a good help »


Bradley Smith

« Crash is never a great feeling and you can't nerver prepare yourself so you are looking for th eleathers and the airbag to protect you, especially on hard impact »



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