SupportMotoHow to cancel your option?

How to cancel your option?

The Adventure option (for off-road use: Trail or Enduro Leisure on drivable trails) can be subscribed in addition to an In&box Membership (Revolution Formula or Classic Formula).

Whether you have chosen to subscribe to a monthly option ($8 / month) or a yearly option ($25 / year), you can still cancel your option without canceling your membership.

However, your subscription can only be cancelled at the end of your commitment period. Therefore, you will not benefit from a refund if you cancel your subscription before your next option deduction.

For example, if you subscribed to a yearly option on 2021/01/21, your option will be renewed on 2022/01/21. Therefore, to validate your cancellation, you must notify your intention to cancel before 2022/01/21.

To cancel your subscription, you just need to notify your decision: through the contact form on our website by indicating on the subject “Cancellation”.
Your cancellation will be effective on the date of receipt of your email by our customer service.

If you wish to subscribe again to an option, you can do this directly from your user area:

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