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Charging and battery life


Battery life is estimated at 25 hours of continuous riding. This corresponds to approximately 1 week of autonomy in normal use (daily commute around 2h per day and “automatic standby” function the rest of the day). We recommend switching off your In&box with the central button when it is not being used for several consecutive weeks.


The In&box can be charged with the Micro USB cable included supplied with the In&box and with a USB charger (not supplied).

Battery life is estimated at 20 hours of continuous riding. The charging time is around 2 or 3 hours.

The In&box can also be charged on an external battery or cigarette lighter. However, the charge duration might be longer.

Here are the technical characteristics regarding the In&box charging:

Electrical characteristics: Input: 5 V 2 A

Compatible charger: Use a EN60950-1 or 62368-1 compliant USB charger.

Altitude restrictions: Above 2000 metres high, make sure that your charger is approved for this altitude before charging your In&box.

Battery replacement: Do not try to replace the In&box battery by yourself, you could damage the battery, which may in turn lead to overheating, fire and injury. Your In&box Li-polymer battery must be replaced or recycled by In&motion: it must be recycled or scrapped separately from general household waste and in accordance with your local laws and regulation.

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