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Configuring my Wi-Fi access point

This step allows the In&box to automatically connect to a WIFI network when it is charging. This connection is used to automatically download updates.

It is essential to connect at least once a year for yearly subscriptions and once a month for monthly subscriptions. If not, the In&box will be automatically blocked and will no longer work until the next connection.

For the first use only, configure your Wi-Fi access point thanks to the mobile app « My In&box ».

  • Turn on your In&box and connect it to the mobile app « My In&box »
  • Click on the “Wi-Fi Network” tab of your mobile app dashboard
  • Add your Wi-Fi access point. The mobile app will search for all available Wi-Fi networks
  • Select yours and enter the corresponding password

Once configured, the In&box will connect automatically to the Wi-Fi access point configured as soon as the In&box is plugged and charging on a power outlet and will download automatically the latest updates.

You can configure up to 3 WI-Fi access points.

For now, the compatible Wi-Fi access points are: Wi-Fi b/g/n with WPA/WPA2/WEP protection.

If you have an update version lower than version 5.1.5 (you can find your In&box version in the tab “Settings” of your mobile app), Wi-Fi access points with WEP protection were not compatible. You will need do download the latest update of your In&box before configuring your Wi-Fi access point with WEP protection. 

For more information on downloading updates, click here

Now, you can check that your Wi-Fi is correctly configured:

Successful In&box wifi configuration
  • Turn on your In&box
  • Plug it near your Wi-Fi network thanks to the USB cable supplied and with a charger (not supplied). Make sure to plug it into a wall outlet and not in USB.
  • The two upper Leds are blinking blue alternately: the In&box is seeking for a connection to your Wi-Fi.
  • The two upper Leds are blinking blue at the same time: the synchronization and updating process is in progress. The configuration worked!

Warning: the In&box can be unplugged at any time, however, do not turn off your In&box with the side switch button during the synchronization process (when the upper Leds are blue).  

If your phone is not compatible with the mobile app “My In&box”, a manual procedure for configuring your Wi-Fi access point is available here

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