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Horse Pilot

Designer and creator of innovative clothing, Horse Pilot adapts its technologies to ensure comfort and freedom of movement that allow horseriders to achieve the best of their performances.

A New generation mechanical airbag system for horseriders

Horse Pilot is one of the visionary equipment manufacturers who place innovation, performance and design at the core of their strategy. In&motion developped a custom airbag system for horseriders, that can be worn under various jackets and underlies the horse-riding requirements of ergonomic and comfort.

« The challenge was to provide an efficient solution while making improvements to airbag systems already on the market. After an analysis of the accidentology and the uses of horseriders, we’ve decided to develop a mechanical triggering airbag system new generation more comfortable and more ergonomic than the current systems. This new system has been subject of two patents. »

The In&motion airbag system was conceived in order to be totally integrated under 3 different Horse Pilot jackets: a training jacket, a competition jacket and a bombers.
Aurélien Guillon, Horse Pilot co-founder, says : « The goal is to combine comfort, design and safety while erasing the airbag constraints. »

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